What is a Goatee Beard?

The Goatee Beard Style

Few beards have gotten as much attention as the Goatee.

Technically more of an overarching name for an entire category rather than a specific type of beard, the Goatee encompasses any beard focused around the mouth only. 

The 2 most common types are the Full (or Classic) Goatee, which consists of a mustache and a connected beard the same width as the mustache, and the Pure Goatee, which is the same thing but absent of a mustache. 

Note that there’s some confusion about this naming convention out there. Some call the Pure Goatee a Classic Goatee. For us, Full/Classic means mustache, Pure means no mustache. 

Goatee Beard Variations

The traditional variations are the Full and the Pure Goatee described above. However, with the Goatee being so broadly used, there is lots of room for creativity. 

Feeling super neat? Try The Pretty Boy. A Full Goatee, but with considerably thinner lines connecting the mustache and the beard, and a reduced amount of hair around the chin. 

A bit of a minimalist? Go for the Landing Strip. Remove all the hair around your mouth except a small strip from your Soul Patch going to your chin. 

Taking it to the next level? Do so by going with a Van Dyke. Grow a Full Goatee, create a gap between beard and mustache, and grow that mustache as crazy as you can.

Pointy face but want a Goatee? Try the Anchor. Basically a bushier, wider variant of the Van Dyke, the Anchor is the way to go for guys with long faces who still want a Goatee. 

Beyond that, there are seemingly endless variations. Play around with combinations, trim or grow the mustache or beard or both to feel what fits you. The Full Goatee is a great place to start experimenting with all the beautiful options this category offers. 

Variations of the Goatee Beard Style

What Face Shape Best Fits a Goatee Beard?

Both traditional versions and most variations feature hair below the chin which is usually trimmed to the width of the mouth or mustache, acting as elongation to your face shape. 

If your face shape is Square or Round, a Goatee can help you achieve a more elongated look without being pointy.

For Oblong faces, a wide version of the Full Goatee can work well, adding volume to your chin without making your face seem too long. 

Guys with Heart or Diamond shaped faces should in most cases stay away from a Goatee, as it’ll heavily accentuate your long-ish features already. If your face is one of these shapes, and you still want a Goatee, the Anchor variant is your best shot. 

Best Face Shapes for the Goatee Beard

Famous Wearers of the Goatee Beard

With the Goatee category allowing for so many variations, there’s no shortage of great examples to be spotted out there. 

John Travolta is often seen with a Goatee as Full as it gets.

Brad Pitt now and then appears with Goatee, the length of which seems to depend on his mood and/or current role. 

Once done being clean-shaven James Bond, Pierce Brosnan started growing a nice bushy Goatee.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson oscillates between a Full Goatee and a Pretty Boy - and Boy do both look good on him. 

Satan - as in, The Devil - is usually depicted with a Goatee, possibly due to an interpretation of Leviticus 19:27. 

How to Trim a Goatee Beard

  1. As always, a solid Full Beard to start out with, so sit back and grow that beast for a good 4-6 weeks. 
  2. Trim your beard to ¼ inch across the board to start out clean. You can always grow it out once you’ve shaped it. 
  3. Shave your sideburns, cheeks, and neck clean to only leave hair in a circular shape around the mouth. 
  4. Use a precision trimmer to fine-tune your brand-new Goatee to perfection. This is where you decide to remove some hair below the lower lip, to remove your Soul Patch, and so on. 
  5. Relax and watch your Goatee grow. Experiment as desired - the Goatee is a beautiful place for trying out different looks. 
  6. Make sure you keep your cheeks and neck clean-shaven to provide the best possible contrast for your new achievement. 

Here you go - welcome to the world of proud Goatee-Wearers!


You can’t go wrong with a Goatee: It’s easy to grow and allows for sheer endless variations. Start with a Full Goatee and see where your journey takes you. Go longer for a wide face, and wider for a long face to get the best fit. Shave your cheeks and neck daily to maintain a crisp look. 

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