The Best Beard Grooming Products In America

We think awesome beards are made, not born. Before we started Black Comb Beards, we searched high and low for the best beard grooming products that would knock our socks off. It was a long road! 

Some were too greasy. Some made our skin itch. Some were full off weird stuff we couldn’t even pronounce! So we decided to make our own.

We spent years testing different ingredients until we hit on a formula that could nourish your skin, perk up your patch, and banish beard-ruff forever. 

We were so pleased with the results that we decided to share our beard oils with family and friends. They loved them too and began recommending them to others. Before long, the orders started pouring in. And so Black Comb Beards was born.

Our products are made and distributed from a small workshop in the heart of rural Utah, and we blend all the products by hand.

That’s right. Everything is done with care and attention, batch by batch, the old-fashioned way. So you know you’re getting high-quality products from people you can trust. 

And you can rest assured that our oils, butters and beeswax are made in the USA – no exceptions.

The Perfect Beard Recipe

Want to know more about what goes into our products? Take a peek at some of the power-packed carrier oils and ingredients we use in our premium beard grooming product recipes.

Argan Oil

The nut from the Argan tree has been used for centuries as a healing balm for skin and hair. 

When the kernel is pressed, it produces a luscious oil that’s packed with anti-inflammatory fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-9. These penetrate deep into your skin to reduce irritation and redness (a bane when you’re growing out a beard), while promoting lush hair growth.

The oil is also incredibly light and non-greasy. That’s right. No residue on your collar or pillow!

Jojoba Oil

Grown in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California, jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax produced by the seeds of the Simmondsia chinesis plant.

It’s very similar to sebum (oil) that occurs naturally in our skin, which is why it’s a perfect substitute when your sebum supply goes AWOL.

Jojoba oil is also chock-full of Vitamins C, B, and E, not to mention a healthy dose of copper and zinc. 

So what does this mean for you? Killer growth, soft skin, and no more dandruff.

Sweet Almond Oil

Not only are almonds a crunchy snack, they produce a rich oil that does wonders for your beard!

The secret is biotin, a B Vitamin that can reverse hair damage and promote growth. This means you get softness and strength. That’s right. Yin and yang.

And let’s not forget this oil’s fungicidal benefits. It can slay the yeast beast that turns your chin forest into a flake farm. Fungus, begone!

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seeds come from a certain known sativa plant. Yes, the same plant that makes Mary Jane.

But there’s no need to get your ducktail in a twirl. The psychoactive compounds are in the leaf, not the seed. 

Disappointed? You shouldn’t be. These tiny seeds have other powers. They’re literally brimming with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation, rejuvenate your skin, and stimulate growth. 

Does this mean your beard will get thicker and fuller? You bet! No beard oil is complete without it.

Apricot Kernel Oil

This sweet summer fruit hides a kernel that’s chock-full of beard-building nutrients. With its high levels of vitamins A and E, this oil prevents cell damage and gets your skin in tip-top condition. 

It’s also rich in oleic acid, a potent ingredient that penetrates deep into your follicles to stimulate hair growth – always a bonus when you’re growing out your beard or trying to fill one out. 

And let’s not ignore the joys of palmitic acid, which softens and moisturizes without leaving any grease on your grizzle.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

This wonder seed has no end of benefits. Let’s start with the essential fatty acids that are like fertilizer to your beard. They add moisture and improve skin tone – and even balance oil production. 

Oleic acid, in particular, will help soften your beard strands and add natural shine.

Then you’ve got vitamin E to sooth irritated or damaged skin, as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium to help with hair growth.

Grapeseed Oil

Who knew that grapeseed oil was such a potent elixir? Our ancestors, that’s who! For centuries this precious oil has been used to cook, heal, and beautify. And who could blame them? 

Grapeseed oil contains vitamins C and E, antioxidants that can promote collagen production and heal damaged skin. It even has linoleic acid, which helps remove excess oil that clogs pores and limits beard growth. 

Most importantly, grapeseed oil can block the production of the hormone DHT, which can cause hair loss in men – and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to grow luscious locks on your face!

Avocado Oil

Did you know that avocadoes are almost entirely comprised of oleic acid? It’s around 70 percent – which is pretty damn high. 

So what does this mean for you? Abundant moisture for your skin and beard, fast wound healing, and protection from nasties like wind, heat, or smoke. 

It also has beta-carotene and vitamins A, D, and E, which increase collagen production and maintain optimal skin health. This lays the groundwork for strong growth and thick strands.

And the best thing? It absorbs easily into the hair shaft without leaving a greasy film.

Vitamin E Oil

There’s a reason why vitamin E is so popular in skin and hair products. 

It’s got anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin, as well as powerful antioxidants to increase blood flow and prevent cell damage – all of which are mandatory for a mighty beard. 

What’s more, vitamin E coats your beard strands beautifully, giving you moisture, shine, and protection from the elements.


Used as a cosmetic since the days of Cleopatra, beeswax is one of nature’s unique gifts. Natural and odorless, it never irritates your skin, making it the perfect base for butters and balms. 

As an antifungal, it can fight dermatitis and beard dandruff, keeping itches and irritations at bay. Throw in some antioxidant vitamin A and your beard will stay moist without being greasy. 

Beeswax will also act as a sealant for your beard and prevent it from absorbing dirt, grime, or any other nasties that might want to nest in your beard. But the best thing about this natural product is its malleability. 

That’s right. It’s perfect for sculpting, twisting, or taming those frizzy flyaways. Let your beard be your canvas!

Shea Butter

This oh-so rich butter is extracted from the nut of the Shea Tree and provides a base for many skin and hair cosmetics. This is because it’s low in proteins that cause allergies, so you’re unlikely to get weird skin reactions. 

Like other nut oils, it is literally oozing with good fats – linoleic, oleic, palmitic. These acids restore moisture and provide a protective barrier without leaving your skin greasy. 

Not only that, shea butter boasts plant esters that provide an anti-inflammatory effect, which means no more itching or rashes, either before or after you’ve grown your mane.

Aloe Vera Gel

There’s nothing like the cooling gel of the aloe vera plant. Used for thousands of years to nourish and soften the skin, aloe vera contains fatty acids that boost blood flow and banish flaky skin.

Vitamins A, C, and E strengthen and repair hair while promoting healthy cell growth – the perfect recipe for a bushy beard.

But aloe vera gel can provide another important function: it can give your beard a good clean.

In fact, aloe vera is a natural cleanser that can remove product residue or excess oil, allowing your follicles to breathe and fully absorb the nourishing oils and balms that your beard wants and needs.

Dead Sea Salt

Thousands of people travel to the Dead Sea every year to bathe in its health-giving waters. But is it as good as they claim? A stack of research proves that it is!

That’s because the Dead Sea if filled with twenty-one minerals – far more than you would find in any other sea. They include magnesium, potassium, zinc, sulfur, and calcium.

These minerals have been proven to detoxify, balance moisturise, and heal your skin.

This is good news for your beard. You get twenty-one minerals that condition your skin, not to mention a gentle exfoliant that stimulates circulation and promotes healthy growth.

Make Your Beard Love You Forever

Who knew the best beard grooming products contained so many awesome ingredients? Well, to put it bluntly, a large number of our competitors certainly don't! So, we believe it's our meticulous ingredient selection that really sets out products apart.

Our Black Comb Beards mission is simple. Premium beard care. At affordable prices. For all beardsmen. After all, beard care isn’t just for badass Vikings, lumberjacks, and hipsters. It’s also for the average guy who wants to sport a healthy, well-groomed beard without breaking the bank – or putting nasties on his face.

We know you want premium beard care, and we believe that Black Comb Beards is a cut above the rest. 

If you don’t believe us, ditch that commercial oil or balm and give ours a try. If it doesn’t make your foliage fabulous, drop us an email and we'll make it right for you. But we know that won’t happen. That’s how confident we are. 

Once you join the Black Comb brotherhood, you won’t go back.

Thanks for reading, and take care of that beard now!

Yours truly,

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