What is the Anchor Beard?

Anchor Beard Style Guide

The Anchor Beard is a valued member of the Inverted T-Beard family. It features a thin mustache, a soul patch connected to the chin hair, and a chin strap beard along the jawline. 

With a bit of imagination, it actually looks like a ship’s anchor. 

Sometimes considered a Goatee-style beard as well, there are opposing opinions about this fact. 

Yes, Goatee is usually an overarching name for all beards focused around the mouth. But the Full / Classic Goatee connects the beard with the mustache - which the Anchor Beard does not.

In any case, it’s a neat beard that can add quite a bit of character to your face. 

Anchor Beard Variations

The Anchor Beard is pretty well-defined, but it does leave room for some creativity. 

The signature part of this style is the anchor-shaped chin beard. The mustache is typically kept neat and thin. 

That said, bushier mo’s have been spotted in the wild. If you dig a bit more hair on your upper lip, that’s a variation you can try. 

When it comes to the actual anchor itself, it allows for variation as long as the anchor shape is maintained. Experiment with a smaller or larger soul patch - but make sure it’s connected to the chin beard. 

The chin beard itself can occupy less width than the mustache, or flare out all the way along the jaw. 

Careful though: Keep the beard too narrow and you’ll end up in Van Dyke territory. Let it grow out too much along the jaw and you’ll end up rocking a Balbo Beard. The shape is key with the anchor. 
Variations of the Anchor Beard Style

What Face Shape Best Fits an Anchor Beard?

The Anchor Beard is not easy to place, and you're best to try it out yourself and see if you like the fit. 

Round, Square, and Oblong face shapes usually work out great. Triangle and Heart shapes are hard to pull off, and anything between is in the eye of the beholder. 

Anchor Beard Face Shapes

Famous Wearers of the Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard has seen a rise in popularity lately, especially amongst some well-known gentlemen in the movie industry. 

Hugh Jackman seems to like the Anchor when he’s not sporting a Wolverine beard.

Jeremy Renner rocks a solid Anchor Beard - albeit a mellow version, sometimes almost tipping over into a Van Dyke.  

Robert Downey Jr. often shows off a beautiful Anchor. That’s as anchor-y as it gets. 

How to Trim an Anchor Beard

  1. Sit back and let it grow for 1-2 weeks to have a solid baseline to work with. 
  2. Shave your sideburns and cheeks, paying close attention to a neat line along the jawline. 
  3. If going for the classic version, trim your mustache into a neat, thin line. 
  4. Shave at least a quarter-inch between mustache and beard - a good gap is key to this style. 
  5. Carefully shave under your lower lip, along the soul patch, and in an outward motion creating an upward arch. This is the most prominent part - the actual anchor. 
  6. Shave your neck, keeping the neckline rather high. You want the anchor to sit on your chin and extend to the jawline, but not crawl down onto your neck. 
  7. Make sure you keep your cheeks and neck clean-shaven to provide the best possible contrast for your new achievement. 

That’s it! You’re now part of a select club of Anchor Beard wearers!


The Anchor Beard is an elegant style that typically complements Round, Square, and Oblong faces. 

It features a thin mustache, clean-shaven cheeks, and no sideburns. Disconnected from the mustache with a visible gap, the soul patch holds onto a chin beard in the shape of a traditional anchor. 

A very intentional style, the Anchor Beard looks great when done well. It’s a rather delicate beard with neat lines and requires daily maintenance. Shave daily, and use a premium beard oil to keep your beard and skin well nourished.

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