What is an Extended Goatee Beard?

The Extended Goatee Beard

Chances are you know what a Goatee is - traditionally a small chin beard. There’s a "full" version of the Goatee which includes a mustache and is often called a Circle Beard. The Extended Goatee Beard is one level up - extending the chin beard along the jawline.  

With no sideburns and (usually) clean-shaven cheeks, it’s not as imposing as a Full Beard, but still provides some good volume and fully covers the chin and jaw. 

If you want to add a good-sized beard that’s bottom-heavy, the Extended Goatee might just be worth a try. 

Extended Goatee Beard Variations

The Extended Goatee Beard is a rather specific style without many variations. 

Grow sideburns and you’re looking at a Full Beard. Cut back the jawline and you’re essentially rocking a Full Goatee

There is some wiggle room though: Feel free to experiment with different styles of mustache. From a thin pencil to a full-blown Chevron - see what floats your boat. 

The same goes for the length of the chin hair: Traditionally kept at medium length, nobody will stop you from going anywhere from half an inch to say 2 inches. 

Last but not least, your cheeks provide a bit of a playground. The traditional Extended Goatee Beard comes with shaved cheeks, limiting the hair to the jawline. But versions with a clean shave halfway up the jaw have been spotted in the wild, so that’s another option you can go for. 

It’s worth noting that adding volume to the chin hair and going for a higher cheek line quickly starts to resemble another style called the Hollywoodian Beard. But the line between the two is somewhat fluid - try it out and see what you like most. 

What Face Shape Best Fits an Extended Goatee Beard?

This is a very forgiving beard style that suits most face shapes. 

Due to the concentration at the bottom of your face and clean sides, it does elongate your natural shape a bit, but because it’s also rather wide (compared to a regular Goatee), it does not do so too much to nicely complement most faces. 

An ideal fit seems to be an Oblong face. But really, we can see this working with almost any face. 

Famous Wearers of the Extended Goatee Beard

Not that often seen, the people who do pull off an Extended Goatee Beard do so rather well. 

As mentioned above, the difference between the Extended Goatee Beard and a Hollywoodian Beard might only be a few weeks of growth and a few millimeters of difference in the cheek line. So while the people on this list all fulfill the technical requirements of an Extended Goatee Beard, puritans might argue that some are closer to the Hollywoodian already. 

We love both, so no matter. Here we go. 

John Travolta oscillates between a Full Goatee and an Extended Goatee. 

Leonardo DiCaprio rocks a perfect example in Django Unchained. 

 English actor Charlie Hunnam often sports a beautiful Extended Goatee. 


Christian Bale has been seen with what clearly qualifies as an Extended Goatee. 

How to Trim an Extended Goatee Beard

  1. Grow some material to play with - sit back and relax for 2-3 weeks. 
  2. Trim your beard to ¼ inch across the board to start out clean. You can always grow it out once you’ve shaped it.
  3. Shave your sideburns, and shave your cheeks to only leave hair along the jawline.
  4. Shave your neck, keeping a fairly high neckline to make sure the focus is on the chin and jaw.
  5. Experiment with the cheek line and the volume around the chin - feel free to wade into Hollywoodian territory if that’s what makes you feel good.
  6. Make sure you keep your cheeks, sideburns, and neck clean-shaven to provide the best possible contrast for your new achievement.

Here you go - an Extended Goatee it is!


The Extended Goatee sits right in the middle between the Full Goatee (a.k.a. Circle Beard) and the Full Beard: Mustache connected to a solid chin beard with hair extending along the jawlines but keeping the cheeks and sideburns shaven. 

It’s a great look that does not get enough credit nowadays. It fits most face shapes and adds good volume without necessarily looking bushy. 

Shave your cheeks, sideburns, and neck daily to maintain a crisp look. And remember - this is a mighty beard, it deserves all the love you can give it with the all natural beard care

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