What is the Corporate Beard?

The Corporate Beard Style

Want to go big but stay neat? The Corporate Beard might be what you’re looking for. 

The Corporate Beard is a Full Beard trimmed to be acceptable in the corporate world. 

It features maximum hair, but usually kept even around 1 inch in length. This beard style has neat lines and a clean-shaven neck and cheeks. 

Corporate beards can be a fashion statement that can display some attitude. But, they should not raise many eyebrows if kept neat.  

Corporate Beard Variations

The Corporate Beard as a style is well-defined, so there’s a limit to its variations. Though, you can play around with both length and area of coverage.

When it comes to length, the typical Corporate Beard is kept at or under 1 inch. That is to clearly distinguish it from the Full Beard.  And, because it’s notoriously hard to keep longer beard hair trimmed as nicely and evenly as this style requires.

You can however go half an inch below or above that - as long as you manage to maintain a clean and neat appearance. 

The other main difference to the Full Beard is that both neck and cheeks are shaven clean.

In its most common version, the cheek lines are kept at medium height, and the neckline rather high, sometimes coming really close to the jawline. 

There’s certainly a little room for individual expression with those lines. But, moving them too far either way will quickly get you into more adventurous territory.

Variation Ideas for the Corporate Beard

What Face Shape Best Fits a Corporate Beard?

Not quite as forgiving as the Full Beard, the Corporate Beard still manages to look good on most face shapes. 

It can work well to soften the edges of boxy shapes such as the Square face, as well as hide a pointy chin in Diamond or Triangle shaped faces.

A word of caution: especially with the traditional high neckline just below the jawline, it’s not a favorable look for a double chin. Lower the neckline or pick another style altogether if that’s you. 

Fitting Face Shapes for the Corporate Beard

Famous Wearers of the Corporate Beard

Wild but neat - there are plenty of great examples of the Corporate Beard out there. 

The world’s No. 1 bachelor, George Clooney, is often seen with one. 



Canadian rapper Drake rocks a perfect Corporate Beard, no question. 



It’s also the go-to beard for Hollywood Beau Ryan Reynolds. 



If it’s good enough for a prince, it’ll do for most guys: Prince Harry sports a solid Corporate Beard. 


How to Trim a Corporate Beard

  1. As always, a solid Full Beard is great to start out with, so sit back and grow that beast for a good 4-6 weeks. Not all hair grows evenly fast, so you’ll want it a bit longer than the end result to ensure even length once trimmed. 
  2. Use a trimmer to shorten your entire beard to the desired length - usually between half an inch and 1 inch. 
  3. Edge out the cheek and neckline. If unsure, keep the neckline low and the cheek line high to start out with: You can always trim more. But, growing back will cost you another couple weeks.
  4. Shave your neck and cheeks clean. 
  5. Shave daily and trim your beard weekly to maintain that tough but clean look. 

Ready! If you’ve done it right, you should be allowed into any office now. Though it if it was up to us, men should be able to wear whatever beard they'd like!


The Corporate Beard, aka the Business Beard, is a socially acceptable version of the Full Beard.

It is 1 inch long or less, with clean-shaven cheeks and neck. Still a strong fashion statement, it looks neat in corporate environments and works great with a suit.

With a beard this size, good care will make all the difference. You’re aiming for bold but smart with this one. Be sure to trim it often, whilst nourishing and maintaining its shape with a natural beard cream.

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