Beard Brush & Comb Set

Beard Brush & Comb Set

Beard Brush & Comb Set

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Our One-Two Grooming Tool Combo

Your beard will never look its best unless you use the right tools. That’s why our Beard Brush and Comb Set should be an essential part of your beard grooming arsenal. Made from natural materials, our brush and comb set will help you moisturise your hair, detangle feisty strands, and style your beard to perfection.

You can get the best beard products your money can buy, but if you’re not applying them properly, you won’t reap the benefits. That’s where a brush and comb come in. A natural boar’s brush will fully distribute oils and balms through your beard. It can also be used throughout the day to stimulate hair follicles, remove excess moisture, and tame any fuzz – without damaging your hair or skin. 

Our signature Black Comb does the same job, except that it’s better at detangling longer beards. It’s also small enough to style a mustache or soul patch, and is made from cellulose acetate material that is always static-free. Together, these beard grooming tools are your ticket to well maintained face forest – and healthy skin underneath. Use them daily for best results!

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