What is a Verdi Beard?

The Verdi BeardWant a big beard and attract a lot of looks? Try the Verdi Beard. 

Featuring trimmed sides but a big, naturally grown part below the chin, the Verdi Beard is usually accompanied by a long, bushy mustache that’s curled at both ends. 

Named after the Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi, it’s best described as a big beard with a bit of a twinkle. 

Verdi Beard Variations

The short, trimmed sides - sideburns and cheeks - are non-negotiable for the Verdi. But beyond that, there’s quite a bit of creativity that can go into this style.

One variable is the length below the chin. Typically of medium length, this beard can range anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of length, dramatically altering the look. 

The other variable is the centerpiece of this particular style: The mustache. It’s what sets the Verdi apart from a Full Beard or even a Boxed Beard - so make it special. Don’t trim it, this is where you can let it grow. Keep it natural, brush it to the sides and let it grow out, or - the classic - curl it up on the sides: The sky is the limit. 

It’s worth noting that the purest version of the Verdi Beard treats the mustache as a completely separate entity, meaning it’s disconnected from the rest of the beard by shaving a small gap on the sides of the mouth. However, possibly due to many Verdi mustaches being long and bushy, that gap is not always observed. 

What Face Shape Best Fits a Verdi Beard?

Being short on the sides and voluminous at the bottom, the Verdi Beard adds to the jawline. It’s therefore a great fit for guys with Triangle, Heart, Diamond, and Round faces who wish to even out the bottom part a bit. 

Square faces might be pushing it a bit, as it may appear a bit too wide. 

As a side note, the Verdi needs a serious mustache. So if you can’t grow that, this might not be the style for you. 

Famous Wearers of the Verdi Beard

Somewhat of a forgotten classic, the Verdi Beard is not seen all that often nowadays. 

Its name comes from Guiseppe Verdi, the Italian Opera composer. 

Conor McGregor has been seen with an awesome Verdi, albeit quite a few years ago. 

Beyond that, it’s the beard of choice for countless nameless guys all around the internet wanting to show off a cool beard. 

How to Trim a Verdi Beard

  1. Given the rate of beard growth, give this one a good 2 months at the start without doing much. 
  2. During this time, start brushing the mustache out to the sides using a Boar’s hair beard brush.
  3. Trim the sideburns and cheeks, not shaving off any hair. A natural cheek line is just fine for the Verdi.
  4. Shave your neck. The rule of thumb is that the neckline should be at or above the bottom part of your beard. So if you’re going for the full 4 inches, you might not need to shave it, but make sure it’s clean if you stay below that.
  5. If you’re going for the pure version, use a precision trimmer to trim and then shave a small gap between mustache and beard at the corners of your mouth. Be careful not to trim the mustache itself - you need that.
  6. Trim any excess and stray hairs from the bottom part of your beard. You want volume and ruggedness, but no bird’s nest.
  7. Use a brush and - if necessary - some beard wax to curl those mustache corners if you’re going for the whole nine yards.

That’s it! Wonder into the world and enjoy the looks you’re sure to get with this style. 


Ruggedness with a twist - the Verdi Beard is sure to get some attention. A full beard with shorter sides and a focus on the mustache, which is often curled at the sides, the Verdi Beard is somewhat of a relic of old times that might just look awesome on any guy brave enough to pull it off in 2021. 

Keep in mind that this is both a voluminous and somewhat high-maintenance beard. The mustache is likely to require daily styling to keep it curled, and you want to make sure to keep the sides short-ish to provide the required contrast. 

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