What is a Mutton Chops Beard?

 The Mutton Chops Beard Style

Feel like your beard is a dime a dozen? Look no further: The Mutton Chops Beard style will sort that out. 

In essence, Mutton Chops is another word for sideburns.

The regular Mutton Chops style displays mighty, often bushy sideburns that stretch down along the jawline. 

The area around the mouth (chin and mustache) are clean-shaven. 

Mutton Chops Beard Variations

The classic Mutton Chops Beard consists of mighty sideburns - that’s it. Some variations can made with the neatness and length. But, with Mutton Chops being a wild one per definition, trimming often is not required. 

The most popular variation is the Friendly Mutton Chops. The term “friendly” indicates a mustache with hair connected in an uninterrupted line. Only friendly by name, this variation still allows for a wild, rough look. 

Sub-variations like Bushy Mutton Chops or John Lennon Mutton Chops are also recognised styles. But they’re based on the 2 main variations mentioned above and normally reference a level of neatness or resemblance to someone famous. e.g. Elvis Presley Mutton Chops or Wolverine Mutton Chops etc. 

Variations of the Mutton Chops Beard Style

What Face Shape Best Fits a Mutton Chops Beard?

Being considered a pretty wild beard, Mutton Chops will add character to many different face shapes. 

Chances are if you opt for this beard, you’re a bit of a rebel and don’t care much for the ideal fit. 

If you do care, the main thing to consider here is the shape of your chin. It’s always exposed.  This means if you have a double or very pointy chin then this might not be the beard for you. We'd then suggest Diamond and Heart Shaped faces might not benefit from this beard. 

If there is such a thing, Round and Oval face shapes are the safest bets. 

Best Face Shapes for the Mutton Chops Beard Style

Famous Wearers of the Mutton Chops Beard

Born in the 19th century, Mutton Chops are rarely spotted in the wild nowadays. But when they are, they for sure leave an impression. 

Ambrose Burnside, a former Governor of Rhode Island and later US Senator, is thought to have created the style. And yes - sideburns is his last name, inverted!

Ambrose Burnside and his original mutton chops!

More recently, the Wolverine Beard has become synomomous with Mutton Chops. The X-Men actor oscillates between Regular and Friendly Mutton Chops throughout the franchise.

Back in real life, Lemmy Kilmister, the former frontman of Motörhead, sported some mean-looking Mutton Chops.  

How to Trim a Mutton Chops Beard

  1. This one is all about volume with the sideburns. Take 4-6 weeks to grow a nice, full beard. 
  2. (Skip this step if you’re going for a bushy version right away). Use a trimmer to cut your beard to an even length, setting the baseline for some neat chops.   
  3. Use a trimmer to remove all hair on the neck, chin and - if you’re going for the Regular Mutton Chops - the upper lip. 
  4. Shave the above areas clean. It’s worth mentioning that often times the Mutton Chops is worn with a bit of a stubble even in the clean parts. So, feel free to skip this step if that’s the look you’re going for. 
  5. Over time, experiment with length and neatness as desired. But, make sure to keep your neck and the area around your mouth trimmed to short stubble or clean-shaven. Anything longer will defeat the purpose any look unkempt. 

Congrats! You’ve joined a club few men are brave enough to even consider. Relax and enjoy the attention you’ll get. 


It’s a bold move, but if you can pull it off, you’ll do so spectacularly. The Mutton Chops Beard consists of (often bushy) sideburns that - in the “Friendly” variant are connected via the mustache. Keep your chin and neck clean to get the best contrast, and enjoy the wildest look you’ll ever have had. 

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