What is a Klingon Beard?

The Klingon BeardChances are you’ve heard the term Klingon before. If you haven’t, take some time and watch Star Trek. 

Klingons are an extraterrestrial species with a rather unique appearance. Part of that appearance is what’s known as the Klingon Beard: A beard usually kept at medium length that features a shaved upper lip. 

To differentiate it from a Dutch Beard or - God forbid - a Neck Beard, it’s important to only shape the upper lip, but leave the beard connected to the sides of your mouth, as well as a fully intact soul patch.

A Klingon Beard is bound to make you stand out, that’s for sure. 

Klingon Beard Variations

There’s only one way to wear Klingon Beard: The Klingon way. It’s pretty strictly defined, but there are two things you can vary. 

One is the length. The classic definition of a Klingon Beard dictates a medium-length beard, meaning around ½ to 1 inch. However, in theory, you can pull the unique style off with anything from a short beard to a tweard.

The other variable is the cheek line. Normally kept rather high or even natural, you can opt for a low cheek line, accentuating the jawline and giving the entire beard a somewhat sharper look.  

What Face Shape Best Fits a Klingon Beard?

As with some of the other more daring styles out there, chances are you don’t care about fit if you decide to go for a Klingon Beard. 

Having said that, it is a perfect fit for any Klingon. And guys with Square or Rectangle face shapes. 

Based on our observations, we would not recommend this for Round-ish face shapes or guys with a pointy chin. Having said that, actual sightings in the wild are far and few in between, so you might just be the first Round-face guy to make a Klingon Beard look great. 

Famous Wearers of the Klingon Beard

There are some rather famous wearers of this one. They’re called Klingons. 

And that’s pretty much it. While there are some mighty brave imitators out there, we would not go as far as to call any of them famous. Yet. 

How to Trim a Klingon Beard

  1. Start with a good baseline. Not much is needed though, 1-2 weeks of growth should get you started. 
  2. Shave that mustache off. Make sure to only shave the width of your upper lip, and leave everything else intact. 
  3. If you’re going for a neat look, trim your cheek line, removing any outlier hair on your cheek. 
  4. Shave your neck. While admittingly not many studies have been done on the neckline of Klingons, any hair on your neck just won’t look good with a beard this short. 
  5. Shave mustache, cheeks, and neck daily to keep the look tidy. 

Voilà. It’s never been this easy to join an extraterrestrial race, right?


Usually only worn by the extraterrestrial race made famous through Star Trek, the Klingon Beard is a medium-length beard without a mustache. It’s a good fit for Square and Rectangular faces - but let’s face it, it’s a bold move no matter the shape underneath it. 

Bold does not mean unkempt though. Shave daily to keep your Klingon neat, and treat it well with Black Comb Beards Products.

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