What is a Jack Sparrow Beard?

The Jack Sparrow Beard

Few beards are only ever worn by one man, and therefore absorb his name. The Jack Sparrow Beard is one of them.

It’s the strange child of a Balbo Beard and a French Fork Beard that got out of hand. In essence, it’s a mustache, a soul patch, somewhat patchy hair along the jawline - and 2 long, braided whiskers.

If you’re after attention at any cost, this is the one to go for.

Jack Sparrow Beard Variations

It’s Jack Sparrow. There is only one of him, and only one way to have his beard.

The Jack Sparrow Beard does not do variations.

What Face Shape Best Fits a Jack Sparrow Beard?

Looking at Jack Sparrow, it’s safe to say that an Oval face could pull this off.

But honestly - it’ll look pretty crazy on any kind of face. And chances are, if you’re bent on going down the Jack Sparrow route, you don’t care if it fits your face shape.

Famous Wearers of the Full Beard

There is a total sum of 1 known man able to pull off this marvel of facial hair: Jack Sparrow.

How to Trim a Jack Sparrow Beard

  1. Grow a Full Beard for at least 4 weeks.
  2. Shave your neck and cheeks.
  3. Remove any excess hair around the Soul Patch so it stands out nicely.
  4. Wait another 2 - 4 months to grow the hair below your chin to at least 4 inches.
  5. Part the hair below your chin into 2 strands and braid them. Adorn as desired.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve just joined one of the most exclusive clubs in the world of beards. Pat yourself on the back, and enjoy the looks you’re certain to get when out and about.

Note: While not necessarily kept clean-shaven (in fact, a stubble or some patches add to the image), you don’t want your neck and cheeks overgrown. Give them a shave every now and then to keep the typical


The fact that you’ve even read this far deserves credit. If you’re really going for this, you are a brave soul.

A mustache, a soul patch, some hair along the jaw, and 2 long whiskers - the Jack Sparrow Beard is literally one of a kind.

But unlike Jack Sparrow, chances are you’re not a pirate captain. Therefore, while crazy, you want to keep your beard clean and itch-free. Treat it daily with all natural beard care products to prevent getting dumped on a lonely island.

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