What is a Ducktail Beard?

The Ducktail Beard Style

Part of the family of Pointed Beards, the Ducktail Beard has been a permanent fixture for the last 20 years or so. 

Mistaken by beginners for a Full Beard, the Ducktail features 3 distinct differences.

Firstly, everything above the jawline is normally kept neat and trimmed. Secondly, the beard below is grown out to the desired length and groomed into a point. Lastly, the neckline is often kept higher than with most other full beards. 

Ducktail Beard Variations

It’s worth noting that in some cases, Ducktail Style is used to denominate any beard with a pointy end. Don’t be confused if you hear terms like a Ducktail Goatee thrown around - it’s all about the point. 

In the classic, full Ducktail Beard, the variations are usually focused on the point of the beard.

Brad Pitt has popularized a style with a thin and long point, which elongates the face shape as much as possible. 

On the other end of the spectrum, what’s called a Round Bottom Ducktail Beard does the opposite. Still pointy, it’s much more rounded, and works better for long faces that need a bit of rounding. 

Ducktail beard variations focus on the point of the beard

What Face Shape Best Fits a Ducktail Beard?

The Ducktail Beard is a fairly safe choice for most face shapes. The elongating effect can be adjusted according to your style by varying the length of the tail. 

It works wonders to round out a Square face. It’s a perfect match for Triangle and Diamond shaped faces who wish to underline their natural shape. And, it also adds a distinct look to Oval and Round faces. 

It’s not the best fit for Oblong faces, as it might disproportionately elongate the shape. 

The best face shapes for wearers of the ducktail beard

Famous Wearers of the Ducktail Beard

You’ve likely seen some famous actors wear a Ducktail: 

First, there’s Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

Then - also in Django Unchained - we have Leonardo DiCaprio.

Off-stage, the most popular sight of a Ducktail in Hollywood goes to Mel Gibson. What a beauty!

This list would not be complete without Brad Pitt. He sports such an awesome Ducktail that it’s become somewhat of a signature look for him. 

How to Trim a Ducktail Beard

  1. The Ducktail requires a solid Full Beard to start out with, so sit back and grow that beast for a good 4-6 weeks. 
  2. Trim the mustache and the sideburns, with the ladder being ½ - 1 inch long. 
  3. If  you have lots of hair on your cheeks, consider shaving a bit to keep a tight cheek line. 
  4. Slowly start trimming your beard on the sides in a pointy motion towards the bottom. Go in baby steps on both sides - you can always do more, but you can’t immediately grow back. 
  5. Continue to trim the sides until you achieve the pointiness you desire. If you sport a high-volume beard, consider trimming the front a bit to improve your profile view. 
  6. Shave your neckline to be higher than the point, usually around 1 inch above the adams apple. 

That’s it, that’s all. You now sport a good-looking Ducktail!


The Ducktail Beard has been a popular choice for many years now, and for a good reason. It’s a safe choice of beard that is a bit more distinct than a regular Full Beard, while also allowing for easy modifications to best match your face. 

If you’re tired of your Full Beard and want to mix things up just a bit, the Ducktail Beard might be the way to go. Trim your sideburns and mustache, and shape the bottom part as desired with a beard cream, balm or wax - voilà! 

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